About DeЯain

DeЯain was established in early 2020, by Jack Dennis with the main mission of the brand to bring smiles and happiness to the faces of our customers. Giving you that buzz inside whenever you wear our clothing.

Outline The YOU Within!


 I have always loved to look the part when going out, be that for food, clubbing, or even just shopping. I've had a great interest in different types of clothing ranging from the 1940s to the early 2000s. The main influence on vintage clothing was the MOD and Acid house era introduced to me by my Father. This is the main reason I have an eclectic view on style. This being said I do also have the quirky/edgy side to myself which has been influenced by my Mother, as she is very experimental in what she will wear ranging from the '60s, '70s and 80's influencing her right up to the present adding her own twists into the mix, teaming the past with the now to create something different. In her own words "Stand in your own light & create yourself". Although they have both toned down on what they wear I feel it is now my time to carry on what they had started and with that mix both of their styles into one creating DeЯain.

The beauty of clothing is how it makes you feel, who doesn't like to show off a satisfactory outfit and give inspiration to our fashion-loving friends.


Welcome To The DeЯain World

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Designed In The UK

All designs are created in-house. Embroidered and printed by professionals in the UK. We maintain our work within the UK as much as possible, therefore we know our products are made with care, using the finest quality.  We believe in helping our community/economy and respecting our workers.